Built to Last by best-selling author Jim Collins triggered the inspiration for Erit David, Managing Director, to build a visionary company that was ‘worth lasting’. Erit started Equinox Realty in 2009 with a purpose and a passion to do things differently. With business leadership, emotional intelligence and personality profiling as her platform, it stood to reason that the Equinox core values were built on Competence, Communication and Compassion. These combined with the daily practice of timeless leadership practices continue to uphold her real estate brand.

The Equinox brand continued to grow with the opening of a local office in Dianella in 2012 and another in Mandurah in 2015. True to form with the cornerstone concepts of preserving the core and stimulating progress, Equinox Realty transformed again.

With Erit David as Sales Director and Jo Dos Santos as Property Management Director, Equinox Realty has changed its name to EQ Realty. ‘As emotionally intelligent real estate practitioners, we want to further embrace our culture and character and continue to uphold the core values we are known for’ says Erit. ‘We are committed to strengthening our boutique position as leaders in the Perth real estate market by continuing to demonstrate an absolute commitment to consistently deliver the best results for our clients’.

EQ Realty also provides a leadership program for real estate agents who have outgrown their current roles or feel frustrated and undervalued, who crave autonomy and to build their careers without limitation. The EQ factor provides the highest grade of coaching, support and care to foster Independence, Entrepreneurship and Potential as a Real Estate Agent.

Results matter. And so do you. That’s the EQ difference.

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